Infused Teething Toy Polish


Pick up a 2-ounce tin of our organic teething ring polish for your wooden toys and products! This teething-specific version uses oils that are infused with organic chamomile and organic lavender flowers.

Choose between:

  • Beeswax + Olive Oil infused with lavender & chamomile
  • Beeswax + Coconut Oil infused with lavender & chamomile

Although formulated for wooden baby teethers and toys, it is perfect for all of your wooden items that you'd like to use only food grade and organic ingredients on. It is the consistency of a balm that melts between your fingers for easy application to spots on your wood that are showing wear and no longer look to have that protective barrier they once had.

Mixed in small batches so that it's freshly made each time you order.

Baby safe and food grade, but please keep it out of baby's reach as it's not meant to be actual food. :-)


[RESTOCK DATE: 8/29/16]