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Beeswax Maple Hardwood Rings: 3 in (USA Grown)


Natural Wooden 3 Inch Teething Rings - Grown in the USA
Natural Maple Hardwood rings that have been hand brushed by us with organic beeswax and olive oil.

We know how important it is to provide untreated and chemical-free products for your family. These wooden rings make perfect teething rings and toys for your little one, or are also great for your own projects! They are all natural without chemicals or treatments added, only the pure and natural beeswax blend that we use to protect and seal the wood organically to keep it from splintering and preserve the wood. Popular for creating beautiful, handmade Waldorf baby teethers and toys.

Note: Our beeswax comes from United States beekeepers, it is NOT imported! :-) 


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