Homemade Gripe Water (for MOM too!)

by Blog Admin

I've been asked about gripe water in the past, and while we don't specifically offer a version that we've made, it is certainly something you could save money making yourself! The best part is, you can even use it if you are exclusively breastfeeding and don't offer bottles--just drink it yourself as a tea ;-)



2 cups water

1 small piece of ginger root (about thumb sized), cut into chunks

1 Tbsp Organic Fennel seeds

1 Tbsp Organic Chamomile flowers


Bring all ingredients to a simmer until golden in color. Remove from heat and cover; steep for 15-20 minutes.


Strain and store in a glass container for addition to breastmilk or formula during colic as directed by your pediatrician, or drink it yourself before your nightly nursing session. (Bonus: it contains fennel which is good for milk supply!)




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