1. What type of wood is used in your products?  

        Every wooden piece in our necklaces and teethers is natural maple hardwood, and our teething rings are CPSIA compliant for all teething ring/children's toy safety regulations.

2.  What are your necklace cords made of?

        We use high quality REAL suede and hemp that is special ordered within the U.S., not the made-in-china stuff in the craft stores. I wouldn't want my baby chewing on that--yikes! I have viewed full reports on the contents of the suede I use as well. Every single inch is free of lead, pcp, mercury, formaldehyde (this is used in a shocking amount of products), chromium VI, cadmium and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in the cheap cords and dyes. This suede EXCEEDS quality standards. Please, DO NOT give anything to your baby to chew before you know the origin of the materials.

3. What are your finishes on some of the wooden items made from?

        We hand brush our wood with a blend of organic beeswax and olive oil. Our beeswax comes from US beekeepers and is certified organic. Our beeswax complements the olive oil perfectly, not only giving the wood color from oiling but also better sealing it to prevent splintering and preserve the wood.

4. Will you source any other types of fabrics?

     We currently offer a few varieties of bamboo, hemp and cotton fabrics. We have customers around the world that use our fabrics to make products that need to conform to standards in many countries, so we need to source these items at a very high quality standard. Because of this, it might be difficult to find a certain type of fabric or blend that meets our standards, but we can certainly try - feel free to send us an email with your request!

5. I want to have my baby's name engraved on a necklace. How do I submit my request?

        We used to have you submit a note at checkout, but we've upgraded our listings to allow you to enter your requests when you add them to your cart! Simply enter the name in the "engraving request" box on the listing and add it to your cart, and when you look at your cart you'll see each item and what the engraving is for each. If you see an error in what you typed, remove it from cart and re-add it with the correct information.

6. How long do orders take to process and ship?

        We ship orders daily, and usually processing time is only 1-2 days! Engraved orders may take an additional day or two. Shipping time depends on how far away it is traveling. Sometimes there may be a delay due to backorders or high volumes. United States holidays may affect shipping times as well. Your items will all ship from Pennsylvania. We do not use fulfillment centers either--you are getting your products directly from us.

7. How much does shipping cost?

        Shipping ranges from $3 to no more than $6 on any order within the United States! International orders depend on weight. Add items to cart to calculate shipping costs.


8. Why was I charged international fees?

    Each country has different rules regarding imports and taxes/fees. These are not determined by the United States postal service; they are charged by your postal and import laws. We do not cover any fees you may incur from importing goods but we do encourage you to look into the best ways to do so before placing orders from outside your home country.

9. What is your contact email?

        To submit additional information, inquire about wholesale or new products, or ask a different question, you may email us at rducharme@alexaorganics.com .