Alexa Organics LLC - Natural Baby Products

Bulk Wooden Rings & Beads

Since you, like us, create organic baby products too--we offer our most popular maple hardwood teething rings at wholesale cost for your baby creations! We already did all the work for you--the treated versions of our natural maple wooden rings and beads are brushed with either organic coconut oil or organic beeswax and olive oil, just waiting to be gnawed. We had our rings certified for teething ring use according to CPSIA standards as well, which you'll find to be very important if you're a shop owner.

All treatment ingredients on the treated rings and beads are derived from fair trade organizations within the United States. Also available untreated!

*Beads are for crafting purposes only; NEVER give loose beads to an infant or child.

Our 2.5" & 3" worldwide grown teething rings have been tested and passed all CPSC product safety regulations: 

CPSIA Section 106 & ASTM F963-11 Section, Soluble Heavy Metals Content in Substrates

CPSIA Section 102 & 16 1501, Small Parts 

CPSIA Section 106, ASTM F963-11 & 16 CFR 1500 (FHSA), Mechanical Hazards

For more information, please visit our certification page!

**USA Grown rings are new and will also be undergoing CPSIA certification in Spring/Summer 2017!**