Organic Breastfeeding Mother's Tea

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Organic Breastfeeding Mother's Tea

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 Certified Organic & Fair Trade Breastfeeding Mother's Milk Supply Tea - Loose Leaf

Sealed 2 oz (wt) bag
Contains about 2 cups of loose leaves (about 32 servings)
Serving size = 1 Tablespoon

*Organic Red Raspberry Leaf: High in calcium, supports reproductive system health.
*Organic Nettle Leaf: High in a variety of vitamins, including calcium, potassium, and iron. Also supports reproductive system health.
*Organic Alfalfa Leaf: Increases milk supply, restorative to all systems.
*Organic Blessed Thistle: Stimulates milk production and flow.
*Organic Fennel Seed: Increases milk production, improves symptoms of colic
*Organic Ground Cinnamon

Steep about 1 tablespoon dried herbs in one cup of hot water. Drink 3 times per day to promote an increased and healthy milk supply.

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